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Wow so much cleaning is going on right now.
Last years, There was always stimulations, events and it was difficult for me to find direction and meaning in what i was doing. I can say that life was taking control on me. But I recently decided that I could do whatever I pleased and I really needed a life plan, things i want to be known for and the values i want to share. 
I think that a big thing to overcome is the fear. But I know that the only reason i fear is because I usually don't prepare enough before doing things and I always end up in trouble for that, and bigger realisation require more preparation. So it's a matter of training. 

I'm also going in mars or april see my doctor. A close friend of mine and a counselor both told me to go check if I had ADHD because they think I have one. I thought of it before and when i was younger in middle and high school my result weren't affected (to alarming point, let's say). I managed great grades and i even went in a International Baccalaureate high school program so it was a bit more work than a regular program (but still quebec's education program is a joke on difficulty level).

On the other hand There where sign: I was handing my work late and It was always long to finish exam and writing papers. plus always loosing everything in the bus or elsewhere. When I was in primary school ADHD was just beginning to be known and the diagnosed child where the one with lots of hyperactivity. I thought that i was clumsy.
 Anyway, I'm eager to see the result. I wonder if they will suggest medication and the effect it can do on the brain

Post scriptum: I did my research on the medications offers and it is very interesting. There is psychostimulant and non-stimulant who work not in the same way but both help to control the flow of neurotransmitters between neurons. 

I was also thinking : My friend told me that i probably found a way to cope with my attention defficit in school and this is why i kept good grade.(if I have one) It is probable that i started doodleling in class to keep the focus on what the teacher was saying and THIS is why i'm in art today.   

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A touch of fire by noemieSworld
A touch of fire
the standford prison experiment, aftermaths. Hermione Granger

"With a warbling cry the phoenix launched itself from Harry's shoulder again, back toward her like a spreading blaze, it circled her three times like she was the center of an inferno, and for just a moment its wing brushed against her cheek, before the phoenix soared back to Harry.

Hermione held up a trembling hand to her cheek where Fawkes had brushed her with his wing, a spot of warmth lingering there like that one small patch of skin had been very gently set on fire."

Ok i admit, not very polish, but since when do i have the nerve do make polish art pieces? :P

You're mine now by noemieSworld
You're mine now

You’re mine now, Harry thought at the walls of Diagon Alley, and all the shops and items, and all the shopkeepers and customers; and all the lands and people of wizarding Britain, and all the wider wizarding world; and the entire greater universe of which Muggle scientists understood so much less than they believed. I, Harry James Potter-Evans-Verres, do now claim this territory in the name of Science.

From the fanfic Harry potter and the methods of rationality. I swear, this story is so goodly writen, it rise higher than the original of JK in my heart. 


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

When I was young I wanted to be an actress, then archaeologist, journalist and then an artist. I've tried to improve myself to be better at drawing (mostly) and I still do, even if i'm now headed in another direction!

Quand j'était petite, je voulais être actrice plus que tout, ensuite archéologue, journaliste et puis artiste. J'ai essayé de m'améliorer pour avoir un meilleur coup de crayon et j'essais toujours aujourd'hui, même si je me dirige maintenant dans un domaine différent!

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